Goodbye, sweet boy.



Kesey isn’t doing well. He takes pills, but his liver is failing anyway. His mind is going. He can barely walk. Daddy carries him up and down the stairs. Kirby tries to help him by eating his foods. Mommy & Daddy shoo Kirby away. Kirby says Kesey doesn’t care if he eats his foods. Kirby is right.


A really old picture of Kesey’s first snow.


This photo is for Merlin Cat’s Dad. We have no cowbell. Sorry.

Mommy took a day off work last week. I thought it was to spend the day with me! I was ever so helpful with the laundry and cleaning the house, then what did she do?!? She put me in the PTU and took me to the vet!

Some of you may remember that I have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It was time for another echocardiogram, so that is why I was catnapped. Vet people are weird. They put goop on my armpits and used that to scan for bad things.

I am a good girl. I do not bite. I may squirm. I talk. A lot. I tell them I want to go home. The vet people ignore me.

The good news is I still only have to take atenolol. The bad news is I now have moderate to severe thickening in part of the left ventricle of my heart. It used to be just moderate. Meh. If my left atrium starts doing bad things too I will need more pills. I still feel good and am able to beat up the boy cats, so that’s good. My heart murmur hasn’t been audible the last two times. Where did it go?


Kirby is my BFF.

Tiki and I still hiss at each other. Sometimes I growl at her for staring at me.

I have swatted Kesey a couple of times. He seems to know his place now.


StanLee is my BFF.

Tiki plays with me sometimes and gives me licks. I have started sleeping in the bed near her.

Kesey is getting wobbly. I do not know what is up with that.

I just turned 4!


StanLee is kind of a wuss.

I sometimes like playing with Kirby, and he is okay to sleep with.

All Kesey does anymore is sleep. I can barely get him to chase me.

Kesey just turned 15!




Yesterday it rained a ton and the sump pump broke and Daddy had to bail water out of the hole in the floor for hours and hours and plumber people came, but you know what? Inside is still a whole lot better than outside!

Kirby likes to play thundering herd of elephants with me and wrestle and we have lots of fun together.

That Tiki cat still makes me uneasy.

I don’t understand why we have to have a dog in the house. It seems dangerous.


Stan “the Man” Lee is my bestest friend. He likes to do all kinds of fun stuff and we have stopped fighting over the foods. Apparently there will always be more foods.

Tiki is a little bit stuck up sometimes.

I do not mind the dog so much.

I like to drool on the Daddy.


StanLee is okay. I suppose. Sigh. He’d be better if he let me sniff him.

Kirby ruins my good time. He has started sitting on the hamper while Mommy takes a shower. That is my spot! Sometimes he even insists on sleeping near me!

I like playing chase with the woofie. He never tackles me or bites me like some people I won’t mention. He’s got a wet nose, but whatevs.


StanLee isn’t as fun as he used to be. It was more fun chasing him when he was terrified. Also, he swats me when I walk past the kitchen table.

Kirby rubbed on my legs the other day. What’s wrong with cats? They should fear the Kesey!

Tiki smells good. I like to snorgle her belly.


Oh, don’t get all excited. I don’t eat cats. I like to lick them. I’m a dog. We lick things. That new cat hisses when I get near him. I haven’t been able to lick him yet but I’m working on it. Kirby doesn’t like it, which is also fun. Tiki doesn’t mind it at all, which bugged me at first because it’s fun to mess with cats, but then I discovered that she likes to lick me too. She grooms my head for me, which is nice. I don’t like it when she licks my nose though. Did you know that cats have weird tongues? It’s like sandpaper. What’s that all about?

Tiki gives me kisses too. She hisses at the boy cats, but she never hisses at me. I like Tiki.

* This is me a long time ago.


I threw up in the Mommy’s shoe and she didn’t yell at me or throw me out into the cold!!!


It was an old shoe that I needed to get rid of and I would never do that to you anyway. And it’s 60 degrees out so even if I did that’s not exactly cold.


The people were worried when they brought me in that since I had been outside for a year and seemed to be happy that I would try to get outside again. I have to tell you even having to put up with the woofie, inside is better! I have no desire to go outside. When the people go near the door I go the other way.

So the other cats who live here are okay. We’re not buddies yet and there’s still a little hissing but we eat together now. If they get too near my food bowl, I do hiss at them. I have discovered that Tiki leaves leftovers, so if I get there before Kirby, I can has leftovers!

I am still spending a lot of time in the basement, but I come upstairs more and more. I like to snooze in the guest bedroom.

I have also found out that if the people are yelling, it is probably at the woofie for chasing us and I am no longer afraid of being yelled at. The woofie doesn’t hear too well so it might be a little loud.

Life is good.

This morning I was an outdoor kitty named Jinxy. I came to get breakfast from the people like I always do, and the woman grabbed me up and stuffed me into a Prisoner Transport Unit!! We drove for hours and years and finally stopped at the VET!!! I was scared, but he and his tech were both very nice up until the point where they stole my bloods! They said I was healthy and had no bad diseases and am a perfect weight. I could told them that. There’s no need for catnapping me!

Right now I am dictating this from the bottom of the basement stairs. The new Mommy person thinks I am weird because I am curled up about a foot away from where the woofie had a pee accident this morning. The carpet’s even still wet from the cleaning stuff. Whatever. Anyway, so far I have met the tabby girl that lives here. There was a little bit of hissing but not much. I have met the black boy kitty who lives here (I guess that’s other black boy kitty now because that’s what I am too). He really wants to play with me, but he is being polite and patient for now. Both of the kitties who live here have used one of my new litterboxes though. That may not be so polite. The Mommy got some kind of litter called Cat Attract for the boxes. The reason why I was outside all this time is because I peed in my old house, so the Mommy is trying to prevent it here. She also sprayed Feliway. We’ll see if any of this works. If not the Bissell may get quite a workout.

I haven’t met the woofie yet. He’s still locked in the bedroom. The Mommy got a new pet gate so he can’t get me on the stairs. I’m not too sure about the woofie.

The Daddy says that my new indoor name is Stan Lee. Kirby is named for Jack “King” Kirby so I am going to be Stan Lee. The Daddy really likes comic books.  He even teaches classes on graphic novels at conferences. I have not decided if I will answer to Stan Lee or not, but I don’t answer to Jinxy either. The Mommy says she will bribe me with treats until I answer to something. Kirby, Tiki, & Kesey all come running when any of their names are called. Especially if their names are called from the kitchen!


I am finding that this Kirby cat is not so bad. We have many things in common.

1. We both like drinking from the faucet, but I had to show him how.

2. We both like teasing the woofie. Again, I had to show Kirby how to do that.

3. We both like looking out of the open window. Ditto (I find the shelter educational system to be quite lacking. Apparently they have other things to do there.)

4. We both like looking at Jinxy, who likes to hang out on our porch and meow for food. He seems to like it outside, but we are wondering if he might change his mind when it gets cold. He likes to spend a lot of time with Daddy and we know that buttering up Daddy is the best way to get in this house.

5. We both enjoy grooming. Kirby says I do it too much, so sometimes I groom the dog. Dogs are stinky.

6. We both enjoy getting pets at 3:30 am. Kirby is very noisy about it. He is teaching me to be noisier to get what I want. Maybe the shelter education wasn’t so bad after all.

7. We both enjoy fleece and are glad that the weather is cooler.

8. We both love the Mommy.

9. We both love the Daddy.

10. The woofie is not so bad. We might love him too.


Mommy found my collar and put it back on me. Crap!

Meh. I’ve only been here since Thanksgiving and they forgot my birthday already. I’m 2 years old !!!!!!!!



Meh. They forgot my birthday too. I’m 13 years old !!!!!!!!



Mommy finally filed the taxes. I think that’s what happened with the birthdays. I think I heard her say something about celebrating birthdays this weekend.

Kirby update: he’s not so bad. Except he’s a piggie. Since I tend to graze we are now getting the same amount of food split between 4 times a day so that I get my share. Mommy & Daddy say I have lost weight and Kirby has gained weight since he got here, so they are trying to change that. I have stopped growling and hissing at Kirby. Occasionally I will hiss if he chases me too much, but I did that with Riley too. Sometimes boys don’t know when to stop. No means no.

We don’t snuggle or anything, but he is good company. Also, the other night I had a nightmare. Mommy & Daddy thought I was in pain, but I was just scared. Kirby ran in to see if I was okay. I was so happy to see him I licked his head.

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