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The kitchen smells good. Mommy made a cheeseball and a pumpkin pie and is in the middle of making deviled eggs. We hope we get some. She’s making cranberries too. We’re not too sure about that. We don’t think we like fruit. Tomorrow Daddy is making the turkey and he promised we’d get some! Not only is it Thanksgiving, but we are 6 months old tomorrow. We can hardly wait!


Mommy hasn’t turned on the computer to let us write, but we are all very happy here that our Buckeyes beat Michigan. Tiki & I don’t know what a Michigan is, but we like to watch football on TV (we try to swat the players) and we’re glad Mommy & Daddy are happy.


We almost forgots! We left a comment on Skeezix’s blog, but there might be other kitties that need to know about this. Howie Mandel was on the Regis & Kelly show Friday morning and brought something called Deer Chaser! Well, it didn’t work and a vishus deer was staring through the window at him and Kelly. It was furry scary!!! But Kelly was brave and gave the vishus deer coffee and it seemed to like it. So if you see a vishus deer, give it coffee and it might not eat you! (We’re still sticking with the woofie though for our vishus deer protection, he’s scarier than coffee.)

Today Mommy got out the carpet sucking monster and then the carpet sucking monster that has water in it. We had to supervise to make sure they didn’t get her. We were furry brave. Then, while we were supervisin’, a bunch of men with leaf sucking monsters invaded our yard. Mommy says they do that because we live in a condo. Their monsters were much louder than Mommy’s monsters, so we had to hide behind the couch for a couple of minutes. We’re so ashamed. The leaf sucking monsters upset our woofie. He barked at them and gave them what for. That’s when we decided the monsters weren’t going to get us and went back to the window to supervise. We have to make sure that monsters don’t get our Mommy or our woofie. Are we still brave even though we hid for a minute?

We are Riley & Tiki. We are 2 ornery kittens who are lucky enough to have their own pet dog Kesey. He scares away the vishus deer and lets us use his water bowl.

November 2006
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