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Our woofie likes to chase us (He gets yelled at if he does it too much). We used to run & hide. Now we flop down and wave our paws in the air at him. This morning instead of chasing me, he raced me down the stairs. It was a tie. We sound like elephants. It’s fun.



I’m Kesey The Dog and I’m stealing this blog! Shadow Saluki sent me an awesome looking Secret Paws box, but Daddy is making me wait until Christmas to open it. <Sigh> I guess I can wait.

In the meantime, a little about MEEE! I am 9 years old and have had some ups and downs in life. The first 2 years I lived with Daddy & OldMommy. Something happened and I spent the next 7 years with OldMommy. It was okay for a while, but it got bad for me when she got a little sticky human and a new Man. After that I spent a lot of time chained to a tree and was fed yucky cheap dog food that I refused to eat. I’m a little flinchy & skittish, so I think more bad things happened around that time that I don’t want to talk about.

This summer Daddy and NewMommy came to see me. I was so happy to see them both (NewMommy was my friend long before she was my Mommy). I ran to their car and stared hard at the door. I was so surprised that they understood that I wanted to go with them. They took me home! And there were kittens there when I got there! They are highly entertaining. I recommend everyone get kittens. I like to lick them. They are tasty.

It is so much better here. Daddy and NewMommy feed me good food. I put on 10 pounds and you can no longer see my bones. My fur grew back from where the chain wore it away and from where it fell out. My skin isn’t all itchy anymore. They give me toys and bones. They took me to the vet (ok, maybe that wasn’t great). They take me for walks and for rides to places like PetsMart. I go potty in a fenced-in area and they don’t even have a chain for me! I sleep in the bed if I want. AND I get to be part of Secret Paws! How cool is that?


We like to hang out in the tub and get drinks, and hop in and out while the shower is running, and splash around when the water is trying to go down the drain. Sometimes we get furry wet. Does anyone else like to do this? Our woofie is afraid of water. He thinks we’re crazy.

P.S. We like sinks too. Tiki is on the left & Riley is on the right.


Mommy & Daddy were having pizza and I just wanted to see, but I jumped in the box and walked on the pizza. I got yelled at. Daddy was furry mad.


Mommy was doing laundry and didn’t see that she had spilled some borax. I’m here to tell you that borax is yucky!! Mommy made me drink water & milk & called the v-e-t. The v-e-t said I would be okay, but might frow up or make yucky things in the litter box for a couple of days. I’m okay. I didn’t do either of those things, but Mommy says I scared her. So don’t taste borax, or you’ll scare your Mommy too.


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