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Tiki & Riley

Why should those foodbloggers get to have all the fun talking about food?

We tried Solid Gold Tuna for breakfast. The texture was much like people tuna, but the sauce had an extra stinky bouquet. Verdict: 2 paws up! Our cousin Merlin should try this!


I tried Natural Balance Chinese Takeout. It smelled more like chicken & dumplin’s, but that fine by me. I even ate the carrots. Usually, I eat around the vegetables, but these were very good. Verdict: YummY!!


I am a man cat in training, but Vincent who came before was truly a Big Man Cat with giant feets. His response to getting cancer was to eat as much as possible, and at one point weighed 28.6 pounds. He managed to get back down to 18 pounds, but it was a big struggle. He was the bravest cat ever and is my hero.


Mommy says I can’t eat that much. No fair!!

Okay it was Sunday, but Mommy’s all slow.

So there was this white stuff outside, and it was all cold, and the woofie really likes it, but we’re not so sure. It made us shiver! Brrr!!

Snow 1


Snow 4

Snow 3

The V-E-T removed the growth from the woofie’s eyelid, but decided that they didn’t need to pull any teeth. Woo hoo!

UPDATE: Kesey is home and glad of it. He was furry thirsty, ate a good dinner, and is now lounging on the bed with us kitties. We think he smells innnnteresting, so we keep sniffing him with our noses pressed against him. He has been furry patient about that. Mostly he’s just sleepy.

He’s got one stitch that will come out in 7-10 days, so it’s not bad at all.

We got cute outfits for Christmas!!

Clothes 1

We hate our cute outfits!! Tiki: I’m giving mine the evil eye. Riley: Help! It’s eating my head!

Clothes 2

Kesey: I’m wearing my hat like a bandana. I hate hats! I love wearing bandanas! That’s how I roll!

Clothes 3


Finally! Pictures of all the great stuff that Shadow Saluki sent me!!


The bandana is awesome! And the card with the little pin! And the treats! And the little sausages! Yummy!


And the stocking! And more treats! And the Heave a Beaver Frisbee! And all kinds of great stuff!!


Thank you so much Shadow Saluki!!!!!!



Kesey had to see the V-E-T yesterday. He now weighs 59 lbs. Can you believe how big our woofie is? He has gained about 20 lbs. since he came here in August and the vet says he’s at a good weight. His fur is nice and soft now, so Riley and I both like to take naps with him. Kesey has an owie on his eyelid and might have a bad tooth, so don’t anyone tell him he has to go back to the V-E-T on Friday. Maybe he’ll get a cone like Miles Meezer and Nardo from Catcall. I hear cones are cool accessories this year.

Mommy weighed us at home. We will be 8 months old on Tuesday. Riley weighs 8.5 lbs. and I weigh 8 lbs. 8 is great. I weigh less because I am a girl, and sweetness and light weigh less. 🙂


She’s just jealous because I am bigger and fiercer.



Mommy & Daddy are still sad that the Buckeyes lost, but at least I look really spiffy in my jersey! (Daddy made my eyes look all funny)

jersey w/ red eye


Has this happened to you? You’re ready for a nap and your sibling is nowhere around. What to do? What to do? I really like grooming myself and my sister before settling down for a snooze. Fortunately, the woofie was nearby, so I groomed him instead. Then we took a nice nap.


Look at our cool stuff from Maggie & Molly!!




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