Kesey had to see the V-E-T yesterday. He now weighs 59 lbs. Can you believe how big our woofie is? He has gained about 20 lbs. since he came here in August and the vet says he’s at a good weight. His fur is nice and soft now, so Riley and I both like to take naps with him. Kesey has an owie on his eyelid and might have a bad tooth, so don’t anyone tell him he has to go back to the V-E-T on Friday. Maybe he’ll get a cone like Miles Meezer and Nardo from Catcall. I hear cones are cool accessories this year.

Mommy weighed us at home. We will be 8 months old on Tuesday. Riley weighs 8.5 lbs. and I weigh 8 lbs. 8 is great. I weigh less because I am a girl, and sweetness and light weigh less. 🙂


She’s just jealous because I am bigger and fiercer.