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Hooray! Today is Squillions Day!!!


Meet Voodoo, Vegas, Machiavelli, and Mookie!


Today we are 9 months old. Can you believe how much we’ve grown?

Our very first picture.


Riley is the top one and Tiki is the next one down. We left before the other two had names, so we can’t tell you who they are.

Later, our Auntie Kitty Ella decided to have her babies in the box with us, so we became a litter of 10 with 2 kitty mommies to feed and take care of us. Can you find us? Yep, we’re hangin’ out together.



I think we’re adorable!


Don’t be so conceited!

The snow was so deep yesterday that the big blue machine couldn’t get out of the parking lot to go to work. The big snow machines came in the afternoon and cleared out most of the lot, but Mommy & Daddy still had to go out and move more snow around to get the blue machine unstuck.

Then, we all went out to play!

Snow 5

Snow 6


Nutro Ultra Senior Chicken, Salmon, & Lamb Formula. Nice sized chunks in gravy. Yummy!

Why is Mommy so hung up on us trying new foods? It’s been almost a year since she lost Vincent at the age of 12. He was too chubby for most of his life – she knows now that too much grains in the food makes kitties gain weight. He had been fighting cancer since he was 8. He was missing many of his back teeth. What finally got him was kidney failure. He mostly refused wet food (he eventually did like Meow Mix pouches). Turns out he liked dry food with a lot of grains best. She thinks he would have been healthier longer if she could have got him to eat better food.

So we all get wet food twice a day, with some dry food on the side. (I don’t like mine mixed.) I eat mine all at once. The kitties eat their wet food and then come back later to nibble on the dry. Mommy free-fed Vincent and cancer treatments made him so hungry he ballooned up to 28.6#., so she measures all our food.

So that is why we try new foods.

Tiki & Riley

Today we tried Fromm Tuna & Chicken for Cats. There’s actually tomato paste in the sauce. Yummy!!


I tried Merrick Working Dog Stew.


Tiki & Riley

You’d think Kesey was the cat around here. Picky, picky, picky!

Our Great Grandma fell and broke her hip yesterday. Today they gave her a new one! Apparently they give out new hips if your old hips wear out. Mommy says Great Grandma has 2 bionic hips now. That’s one more than Millie!

When Great Grandma woke up from surgery, she immediately wanted coffee. We think that’s a very good sign!


First I got to go for a ride in the big blue machine! I loooove going for rides in the big blue machine! We stopped and went into a building. Too late, I realized it was the V-E-T. Mommy and Daddy didn’t seem to realize that we needed to leave before the V-E-T people saw us. They took me into that room again and everyone said nice things too me, but that V-E-T man was pokin’ around my eye! I was a good boy and let him take the stitch out, but I didn’t like it. He tried to give me a biscuit, but I wouldn’t eat it. That showed him!

Then, we got back in the big blue machine and Daddy gave me the biscuit! Then we went for another ride! Then we went to the park and I went running and running and chased Mommy & Daddy & a whole bunch of birds. It was fun.

Then, we went for another ride to run errands. I don’t really like errands. They leave me in the big blue machine and it’s boring. They should take me with them.

Then, we went to McDonald’s! I looove McDonald’s. I have dry skin and they have a kind of grease that I don’t throw up called a cheeseburger. I hardly ever get lunch, but today I got a cheeseburger! Yummy!!

And then I came home and had lots of naps with my kitties.

And for dinner I had one of the little Natural Balance sausages that Shadow Saluki sent me! Yummy!!!

Nobody pooped on Daddy’s pillow, but somebody ate some plastic and frew up on the bed!

We know who, but we’re not tellin’

As Ana la Gatorrista would say, Muhahahahahahahahahahahaha ha!!!


Look what my Daddy made!! Daddy thinks he’s funny. I’m going to go tell Riley to poop on his pillow. Hmph!

Evil Sign

Tiki & Riley

We tried Wellness Chicken & Lobster this morning. Eh. It’s okay to nibble on. We don’t plan on eating it all or anything.


Too much Wellness makes for ugly things in my litter box.


I got the same old Nutro Chicken & Rice in Gravy. Mmmm, gravy! Same old stuff is good!

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