Nutro Ultra Senior Chicken, Salmon, & Lamb Formula. Nice sized chunks in gravy. Yummy!

Why is Mommy so hung up on us trying new foods? It’s been almost a year since she lost Vincent at the age of 12. He was too chubby for most of his life – she knows now that too much grains in the food makes kitties gain weight. He had been fighting cancer since he was 8. He was missing many of his back teeth. What finally got him was kidney failure. He mostly refused wet food (he eventually did like Meow Mix pouches). Turns out he liked dry food with a lot of grains best. She thinks he would have been healthier longer if she could have got him to eat better food.

So we all get wet food twice a day, with some dry food on the side. (I don’t like mine mixed.) I eat mine all at once. The kitties eat their wet food and then come back later to nibble on the dry. Mommy free-fed Vincent and cancer treatments made him so hungry he ballooned up to 28.6#., so she measures all our food.

So that is why we try new foods.