Nutro has always presented itself as being one of the more premium brands. Finding out that it’s made in the same place as the very cheapest brands and that it’s involved in the largest pet food recall I can remember makes me seriously worry about the quality. Avram at New Cat City gives more details and says it better than I could.

Riley, Tiki, and Kesey all love the chunks/slices in sauce versions of the wet food. They’ve tried other foods, but keep going back to Nutro because they like it best. The kitties don’t care much for pate wet food, and Kesey won’t eat it at all.

I went through the garbage for the last week and found 5 cans and 2 pouches of dog food that have the bad dates, and 6 pouches of cat food. That means that Kesey has had 6 days worth in the past week or so, and the kitties have had 3 days worth of the food with the bad dates. Who knows how much of it they ate before that. They all seem fine, but we are getting them checked at the vet on Saturday as a precaution. There was 1 can of food left in the cupboard with a bad date and we have thrown it out.

So now we are trying more new food. I’m mixing Wellness with the dry Nutro because I don’t want anything more to do with them, but switching too fast has given Riley the runs in the past, so I don’t want to rush it. I also bought Natural Balance in case the Wellness doesn’t work out. They had Fromm’s wet food for dinner, and will try Merrick & Wellness again, & also Newman’s Own, Innova, & Felidae later.

Kesey is trying Merrick mixed with his dry Nutro. He ate Merrick Cowboy Cookout wet for dinner and liked it. He’s tried other Merrick wet in the past and did not like it, but I looked at their website and found some that are chunks in gravy like he likes, so hopefully he will keep eating it this time. Later we’ll try Fromm’s, Wellness, and Innova.

If anyone knows of other high quality foods that are chunks/slices/shredded in gravy, I’d appreciate any suggestions.

Has anyone found Avoderm in Ohio? We’ve found Pinnacle, but it’s pate and they won’t eat it. Is Avoderm worth trying?

Sorry to take over their blog, but this is particulary upsetting to us in that we lost Vincent to kidney failure (he did not eat Nutro) almost a year ago on March 24, 2006. We’d appreciate any good thoughts you might send our way.