UPDATE: The v-e-t stole all of our blood, but all three of us passed our kidney tests and are okay. Our hearts go out to those who didn’t get such good news.

Today we are 10 months old!! We are getting big! The woofie had better watch out! We are fierce kitties who will play with his toys and drink his water whenever we feel like it!


This is the very first picture of us when we came home to live. We were 6 1/2 weeks old. We were so tired from the car ride that we curled up and slept in our carrier for most of the day. Then we were crazy for most of the night!

Tomorrow we are all going to the v-e-t to see if we have kidney failure from eating Nutro. We are all running around like maniacs, and eating and drinking fine, so hopefully we are okay, but Mommy & Daddy want to find out for sure.

Tomorrow is also the one year anniversary of when Vincent who came before went to the Rainbow Bridge because of kidney failure. Please check back tomorrow for a special blog entry for Vincent.