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Vincent tub

Vincent truly was a Big Man Cat. He lived with our Mommy for 12 years. He loved to eat his foods, lots of crunchy foods, even after he had lost a bunch of teeths. He loved water – splashing around in it, drinking from the tap, and even bathing in it (he would stick his paw in and then wipe his head with it). He loved sleeping on Mommy. He would flop down across her mouth, so she got a mouth full of fur. He would snuggle under her arm. He liked to sleep under the covers. If Mommy was snoring, he would tap her on the mouth to make her stop. If he wanted to sleep in a certain spot, and Mommy wasn’t positioned right, he would paw at her until she moved to the right place. He liked to bite the fur off of our cousin Merlin’s heels, but would cry for Mommy whenever Merlin got too fresh. Don’t tell, but the two of them also liked to snuggle. He liked to play Buffalo with our Uncle M. Uncle M. would get down on his hands and knees, and Vincent would puff up his fur, turn sideways and get all big, then charge him. If Uncle M. was wearing a hat, he loved knocking it off. He was a little jealous of Daddy, but liked to talk to him a lot. He liked to ride in the car and look out the sunroof, even though he had to go to the vet a lot his last few years. His vet always described him as “quiet, but alert.” When he had to sit in the waiting room, he liked to sit with his cage door open and look at dogs. He didn’t want them near him, but found them interesting. He endured an MRI at a children’s hospital, 17 radiation treatments, and six surgeries without complaint. He mostly used it to get more foods out of Mommy. When he stopped eating, Mommy knew that something was truly wrong. He went to the vet hospital for a week of IVs and two blood transfusions. But they couldn’t fix his kidneys, his chest was filling up with fluid so that he couldn’t breathe, and he cried in pain for the first time, so Mommy & Daddy had to help him to the Bridge a year ago today.

Vincent chair