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Brown Ribbon

The Keep Our Pets Safe Cybermarch is on today, 4/28/07

Join in by flying a ribbon too! Or join the marches around the US.

“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world.
Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

~~Margaret Mead


Thanks to KC and and the Cat Blogosphere.


We have added a blogroll section for sites that have useful info about the Pet Food Recall. (If anyone knows of other good ones, let us know and we will add them.) If you don’t have time to look around, Itchmo can e-mail you Future Recall Alerts.

Mom Robyn has just posted an entry to the Cat Blogosphere that nicely sums up all the things about pet food that we have been worrying about. She is also setting up a Cat Blogosphere Cats Food Database to help keep us all safe. Yay Mom Robyn!

Lilly Lu

Thanks for the graphic, Daisy.

Tara, Princess Meezer teleported over to visit us tonight! We’ve never entertained royalty before. We had all kinds of fun. We showed her our stroller (It’s still to cold to go outside.). We had some stinky goodness. We showed her how nice our woofie is and she wasn’t scared at all (Our woofie was very good and did not try to herd her.). Sadly, she didn’t stay too long because she has a lot of other puddins to go see and she has to finish “re-decorating” the house before her parents come home.


I’ve told you all before how much fun it is to chase kitties … and how frustrating it is when they won’t run!! I’m an Akita (part), they should run from me! I’m fierce!!

I’ve found a new game that’s just as fun! If I push my nose or my side against the kitties, I can get them to go where I want them to go. I can get them to go all the way across the room. Some people say that I look like I’m part Border Collie. What do you think?

I still say, I’m fierce! My toys know this. Those kitties are just dense.


Candle by Ariel

We’ve been very bad about not posting. So we don’t get in trouble, we’re posting another kitten picture with one of our favorite blankies. Our buddies Sultanfus and Guy have one just like it!


Now we just have to nag the humans to take some new pictures. Now we are big! And fierce! We pounce at the woofie, and yawn while he cries at fire trucks.

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