Evil Tiki

Welcome to Evil Tiki Tuesdays!  Once a week I let Mommy take a break, and I write directly onto the blog.  I assume that she’ll say “Daddy” is writing these.  She may also say that it’s a classic case of split personality disorder, manifesting itself only on Tuesdays.   

I, of course, would beg to differ.   

In the end, you gotta let the lower life-forms think whatever it takes to get them through the day.

Humans are fragile creatures, after all. 

So, I’m Tiki. 

And I’m evil. 

Let me re-phrase that.


I’m a cat, so maybe that’s redundant, I don’t know. 

My brother’s name is Riley.  Mommy wanted to name him either Quincy or Oscar.  Daddy pointed out that both Quincy and Oscar Madison were played by the same actor, Jack Klugman, therefore she could have both names if she, in fact, called him Klugman. 

Mommy said no. 

But now whenever Riley does something stupid, which is every eight minutes or so, Daddy says “Nice job, Klugman” or “Look who pulled a Klugman.”   

My other brother is also a “Klugman.”  He’s a woofie (named Kesey), and as such, is insane. 

He tried to eat Riley’s head once, but they get along much better now. 

Till next time,

Yours In Evil, 

Evil Tiki