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Evil Tiki 

Welcome back to Evil Tiki Tuesdays!  Once a week I let Mommy take a break, and my brain writes directly onto the blog.   

My brother Riley says: “Hello My Name Is Brak!”

My brother, Kesey-the-Dog (a.k.a. StupidSmile–What!?Hello?What!?–StupidSmile) has begun herding us.  He pokes us with his nose, then brushes us with his side until we move in the direction he wants us to go.  Riley is confused a lot “How did I get here?”  But he’s confused a lot anyway.   

I am not amused.  I was trying to answer the door when Kesey herded me in the opposite direction.  I’m pretty sure the mailman was bringing me the Daddy Rotisserie Grill 3000 I ordered online with his credit card.  (You can cook a Daddy in under 20 minutes.)   

Stupid dog. 



My Daddy is so smart! The other night I taught him how to play fetch. I dropped my our sparkle ball that Juniorbabee sent me us on the floor in front of Daddy and he figured out that I wanted him to throw it. I did it again a few times to make sure he really understood, and he did! What a fast learner he is!!

P.S. We are very sorry about Suzy. She was a good girl and will be missed. Kesey really loves his Secret Paws presents and is sad that he lost a new friend.

P.P.S. Juniorbabee and Monty Q, we have pictures in the camera, but my beans are being really slow about getting them out so I can put them on my our blog.


Today I made biscuits on Mommy for the first time. It made her all excited and happy. She said she missed biscuits so much. Beans are weird!

If she likes biscuits so much, maybe I’ll tell Tiki to make some too. Or maybe I won’t. Gotta run!

Okay, so it’s Wednesday. So what? I decree it to be Evil Tiki Tuesday!

Welcome back to Evil Tiki Tuesdays!  Once a week I let Mommy take a break, and my brain writes directly onto the blog.   

I have a “Mommy” who is very nice, but she talks to us in baby-talk a lot.  This seems odd, as I am NOT a baby, I’m one year old!  The Fat One (the “Daddy”) is also nice.  I curl up to him or nap on him, but only when no one else is looking.   

I’m going to eat the Fat One. 

You have to set goals for yourself, people. 

Things I need to accomplish my goal:

An anvil,

A grappling hook,

Batman shark Repellant in a can,

Opposable thumbs,

One scorpion,

A bear trap,

A rotisserie grill,

And a bottle of Teriyaki wing sauce. 

Goals, people. Goals. 

Till next time…

Evil Tiki 


Suzanne was a sweet little kitty who liked to hang out under the bed. She will be missed. 

Daisy, thank you for the graphic.

Uncle M, Aunt H, and Cousin Merlin got a brand new Baby Bean yesterday!! We aren’t sure what a Baby Bean is, but everyone is very excited, so it must be a good thing. She showed up about 3 weeks early. She and Aunt H are doing well. Yay!!!

P.S. We were so excited that we forgot Evil Tiki Tuesday! Evil Tiki Tuesday will be back next week.

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