Okay, so it’s Wednesday. So what? I decree it to be Evil Tiki Tuesday!

Welcome back to Evil Tiki Tuesdays!  Once a week I let Mommy take a break, and my brain writes directly onto the blog.   

I have a “Mommy” who is very nice, but she talks to us in baby-talk a lot.  This seems odd, as I am NOT a baby, I’m one year old!  The Fat One (the “Daddy”) is also nice.  I curl up to him or nap on him, but only when no one else is looking.   

I’m going to eat the Fat One. 

You have to set goals for yourself, people. 

Things I need to accomplish my goal:

An anvil,

A grappling hook,

Batman shark Repellant in a can,

Opposable thumbs,

One scorpion,

A bear trap,

A rotisserie grill,

And a bottle of Teriyaki wing sauce. 

Goals, people. Goals. 

Till next time…

Evil Tiki