Evil Tiki 

Welcome back to Evil Tiki Tuesdays!  Once a week I let Mommy take a break, and my brain writes directly onto the blog.   

My brother Riley says: “Hello My Name Is Brak!”

My brother, Kesey-the-Dog (a.k.a. StupidSmile–What!?Hello?What!?–StupidSmile) has begun herding us.  He pokes us with his nose, then brushes us with his side until we move in the direction he wants us to go.  Riley is confused a lot “How did I get here?”  But he’s confused a lot anyway.   

I am not amused.  I was trying to answer the door when Kesey herded me in the opposite direction.  I’m pretty sure the mailman was bringing me the Daddy Rotisserie Grill 3000 I ordered online with his credit card.  (You can cook a Daddy in under 20 minutes.)   

Stupid dog.