Ben’s Mom wants a ceiling fan. To inspire her, Mommy decided to finally install one of the new lights that she has been meaning to put in. Here is the old ugly light.

Old light

Here I am helping her pick out tools. We needed wire strippers and a screwdriver. The directions said to use a Phillips, but we really just needed a flathead. Also, Mommy is paranoid so she uses a little gizmo to test for electrical current.

Riley with tools

The main thing to remember is to turn off the power. Then you just unscrew all of the old parts.

Dead light

Mommy installed a new bracket, screwed the ground wire to the bracket, and twisted the wires back together using the old wire nuts. Then she put the new base on with nuts. I like peanut butter I wonder if she used peanuts?

lamp base

She put in a light bulb and put on the glass cover and turned the power back on.


Mommy says it takes a little longer to install a ceiling fan, but it really isn’t any harder. the bracket is bigger, but since you don’t install the blades until last, it’s not too much different than a plain light. It’s easier than some heavy lights because ceiling fans come with a hook you can hang them on while you mess with the wires.

Mommy has 3 2 more lights to install – upstairs hallway, front entry, and bottom of basement stairs but she says it’s time for a break. I’m all tired out from snoopervising, so I’m going to take a nap.

Riley napping

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