We forgot that yesterday was our one year gotchaversary! One year ago we were six 1/2 weeks old and had never been in a car or a house before. We were very scared when we were put in the PTU and went on our first car ride … for about 10 minutes. Then we fell asleep. We slept all the way to our new house.


We had some stinky goodness and then took another nap.

Riley&Tiki eating 

We were sleepy all day. But as soon as it was nighttime we became crazy kitties!! We had to spend our first night in the bathroom because we were so noisy. The next few nights we spent in the living room because we were too noisy in the bathroom and since we didn’t know how to go up stairs yet, we got to be noisy in the living room. eventually we figured out stairs and were noisy everywhere every night. We would start out in the big bed, but usually get booted out before midnight.

It’s only been within the last few weeks that we’ve Riley has gone more than a night without booting (no kittens were harmed during booting). He mostly only gets booted on the weekends now. I am a good girl and almost always only get booted voluntarily. I used to cry and cry every time Riley got out of my sight, and he would come running every time. Now I like being with the beans or even the woofie, so I’m not scared that Riley has disappeared somewhere. But I still like to be with my brother, so sometimes I go with him during booting and sometimes I do something on my own to get booted if I start missing him. Sometimes though, I just go back to sleep on Mommy. Mommies are good to sleep on.