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On Wednesday when they came back from hunting, Mommy & Daddy stuffed us in the PTU! I told them Noooooo, Noooooo, Noooooo, but they wouldn’t listen. Riley doesn’t care, but I know better. No good can come of being locked in the PTU and put in the big blue monster.

They took us to the V-E-T!!! I told them Noooooo, Noooooo, Noooooo, but no one cares what I think! They looked in our ears and checked our teeth and shined a light in our eyes. Riley just tried to sniff the bright light thingy. I don’t think my brother is very bright in the head. They weighed us and I weigh 10#5oz and Riley weighs 10#11oz. I am still the little one. Then, they stabbed us in the butt!!!!! I said, Noooooo, Noooooo, Noooooo! But, they don’t listen. I got stabbed twice!!

We were sleepy on the way home, so we just curled up in our carrier. Riley is a good snuggler. He washes my ears before we go to sleep.


We are very sorry we haven’t been blogging lately. Mommy went to the v-e-t and had some kind of surgery on her insides and hasn’t helped us blog. Like that’s any kind of excuse! Some of our friends have left for the Bridge and that makes us sad and we don’t want any more to go and we have to go visit everyone to make sure they’re still here!

We have a New Foods Report! If you like pouches and are afraid to eat wheat gluten, you have to try the new Wellness pouches!!!
Wellness Pouches

They are yummy!! They kinda look like what was in the Nutro pouches, but no wheat gluten!!!! Wellness puts all kinds of healthy stuff in there instead. Yay! Something we like to eat that Mommy likes to buy.

We have to get her to go buy some more! Now!!!!!

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