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I’m thinking if I stare hard enough and long enough, they’ll get up and get me more turkey.

A biscuit?! I didn’t ask for a biscuit! Okay, I’ll eat it. But I still want more turkey!!

We are thankful because:

1. we get to live in a nice warm comfy house

2.  with Mommy

3.  & Daddy

4.  & Kesey

5.  & each other.

6. We have good food

7. and so far good health

8.  and nice places to nap

9.  and clean litter boxes.

10.  We have great blogging friends.

11.  We had turkey today.

12.  We’ll have turkey tomorrow.

13. Maybe we can have it with teriyaki on Saturday.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


Today I tasted teriyaki sauce. Daddy wouldn’t let me have any wings. So, I stuck my head right in the bag and got my own teriyaki sauce. Mmmmmmm!

Daddy threw the bag in the garbage. Kaze, how do I get in the garbage?


Riley is a freak!


Mommy and Daddy came home from Cancun! (Okay it was a couple of weeks ago, but they wouldn’t help me blog about it until now.) And they brought back my woofie!! I was so excited that my tail poofed just like Chase’s does! I poofed my tail and chased him to the patio door and wouldn’t let him O-U-T until I gave him a squillion kisses! I think he was happy to see me too.


Sigh. Riley is such a punk. I really had to pee. It is good to be home though. I had tons of fun with Snoopy, but I have to admit that I missed my kitties. The kitties at Snoopy’s house wouldn’t play with me. They hid the whole time. So I guess kisses are okay if we get to play tag too. Aunt K, thanks for taking care of me!


Riley is a woofie hog and a Mommy hog and a Daddy hog. I didn’t get to snuggle with anybody until like a squillion years later because his big face was in the way! Also, Riley forgot to thank Uncle M for coming over and playing with us and feeding us stinky goodness. I’m sorry I was a little shy. Riley is not sorry for sitting on your head.

November 2007
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