Mommy and Daddy came home from Cancun! (Okay it was a couple of weeks ago, but they wouldn’t help me blog about it until now.) And they brought back my woofie!! I was so excited that my tail poofed just like Chase’s does! I poofed my tail and chased him to the patio door and wouldn’t let him O-U-T until I gave him a squillion kisses! I think he was happy to see me too.


Sigh. Riley is such a punk. I really had to pee. It is good to be home though. I had tons of fun with Snoopy, but I have to admit that I missed my kitties. The kitties at Snoopy’s house wouldn’t play with me. They hid the whole time. So I guess kisses are okay if we get to play tag too. Aunt K, thanks for taking care of me!


Riley is a woofie hog and a Mommy hog and a Daddy hog. I didn’t get to snuggle with anybody until like a squillion years later because his big face was in the way! Also, Riley forgot to thank Uncle M for coming over and playing with us and feeding us stinky goodness. I’m sorry I was a little shy. Riley is not sorry for sitting on your head.