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Did you know that woofies are good to nap with? Kesey and I nap backside to backside all the time, but he’s usually skittish if we get any closer. Yesterday, we were napping near each other and he turned and flopped so that he almost squished me with his big head. I was worried for a minute then realized that his neck ruff is good for making biscuits. Making biscuits made me sleepy, so I curled up against his neck and we had a nice nap together. Woofies are warm.



Caesar, we will miss you.


So I was laying on a box, minding my own business, when my favorite big brother Kesey came up to me and touched his forehead to mine in a very gentle headbutt!! I had to clean his ears and lick his head to show him how happy I was! This made him growl a little. I’ve noticed that his growls are getting softer and less sincere sounding (I just ignore them anyway). After that he layed down beside me so that we were exactly side by side and our faces were even touching (I was still on the box, so I was up by his face). That has never happened before! It might have gone on longer but then he saw Tiki and had to chase her and then I had to chase Kesey and suddenly we were playing Thundering Herd of Elephants!!!

Oh! And the other day, he dropped his stuffed pink pig in front of me. What do you think he wanted me to do with it?

Tiki 1st day

Sorry we haven’t been around much. Mommy was lazy busy and wouldn’t help us blog. You’d think things would be back to normal around here, but now we are all excited about the BIG Game!!


Riley TV

UPDATE: Boo! Hiss!! We did not play well. No more feetsball until September!

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