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Riley: Mommy cut off all our toes. The horror!!!!!!!!

Tiki: Riley, you’re such a big baby. That was a pawdicure. You had your nose right in there when Kesey & I had our nails done. (Can’t we have any privacy around here?) You could quite easily see that she did not cut off any toes! And we got treats afterward!!

Kesey: We have been very slow to say thank you. Karen Jo wrote limericks for all of us. Now we are famous! Thank you Karen Jo!

We are all mad at Mommy & Daddy. Saturday, they went to Lima Bean. They didn’t visit Parker and they didn’t bring back any Kewpees Hamburgers: Hamburg pickle on top, makes your heart go flippity-flop! They didn’t take us with them either so we didn’t get to see the OSU Lima Campus or Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead.

Oh wait! We don’t care about those last two things! Where are our Kewpees Hamburgers? Hi Parker! Are the foods any good at Happy Daz? They almost went there, but they closed at 10pm.

Some of our kitty friends are sick, so please purr for them.



It’s hard to get just one!

First of all,  Bean is home!!!!!! Hooray!! She was very tired and hungry, but has been loving the attention and is very happy to be home.


So I’m napping on the bed, minding my own business, when Riley jumps on me and bites me on the head! The nerve!  Kesey sees this and he doesn’t like it, so he chases Riley away and comes back and gives me a kiss! Not a puppy kiss, but a kitty kiss! He rubbed his face against my face and then we both went back to napping. I think his kitty training is coming along well!

Holly & Ivy gave us this great award!! They are Tybalt’s sisters and are very cute torties!


This award was started by Chance’s woofie brother Shadow. He is a great woofie!

Here are the rules:
Give this award to at least one blogger who has a woofie as a friend. If they let a woofie blog sometimes, post information on woofie safety, or just love to cuddle with a woofie of their own, then send this award to them. Make sure you leave a comment on their blog letting them know you are giving them this award and don’t forget to link back to the person who gave it to you.
We are giving this award back to Chance because a squillion years ago he gave us a golden rose
golden rose
and we forgot, so we didn’t post it to our bloggie and we didn’t say thank you. Chance, we are sorry. Thank you for the rose and thank Shadow for starting this award.
P.S. Bean is still missing. Please purray for her.

Someone stole Bean from her Daddy’s car. She escaped and has been seen wandering around the neighborhood. Please purray for her. She is a very nice woofie and we hope she comes home soon. She lives in the Durham, NC area.

Mom: it is so sad that Bean is still missing. We left Kesey in the car by himself while we were at Tony Packos in Toledo on Saturday (it was 40 degrees, not 10 like this morning). How awful it would be to return to your car and find your dog gone. Kesey is very protective of his car and carries on like he wants to eat you if you are a stranger and get too close, so I hope that that would scare away a thief. We are all praying and purring and woofing that Bean comes home safely.

Kesey: I’m still mad that I did not get a chili dog. Bean, please come home safely. Maybe your humans will feel sorry for you and give you a chili dog. Maybe not, but it’s worth a shot.

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