Last night I discovered that blackeyed peas are yummy! Mommy got a phone call, so I leaped up and started eating them out of her bowl. Then she was cutting up a red bell pepper to put on top and I wanted to try it too, so I sat on the trash can and tried to steal the inside part with all the seeds. I whapped it with my paw! All she let me do was smell it, then she made me get down off the trash can. Then she was cutting up an onion. I don’t think I want to eat an onion. Then she was cutting up some tomatoes and I wanted some too, but she wouldn’t let me have that either. Mean Mommy!!!!


I think Riley might be a vegetarian. I think he is weird. So is Mommy. Who would eat a can of blackeyed peas, drained but not heated, with peppers, onions, and tomatoes on top?


Ditto. I like it better when she eats a cheeseburger.