We are very sorry that we haven’t posted for a squillion days. Mommy types for us and she has been LAZY! It is so hard to get good help these days. Thank you to everyone who came back to check on us!

We have been keeping busy by playing Thundering Herd of Elephants (THoE). Kesey wanted to chase me so much yesterday that he used his nose as a pry bar. I was sitting on Mommy’s lap helping her watch the morning news (we like to have special girl time together in the mornings), and Kesey started poking me with his nose. I didn’t move because he can’t scare me with his nose! So then he started trying to pry me off Mommy’s lap with his nose. The nerve! I like to play THoE sometimes, but I was busy! Mommy time is important!


Mommy has been making salads every day. That means we (Tiki & I) get lettuce every day! Hooray!! We will hop up on the counter and help ourselves if we do not get our lettuce! Lettuce! LETTUCE!! When Mommy brings home the groceries, we ignore everything but the lettuce! We try to steal it out of the bag. Mommy thinks we might be part bunny. What do you think?


Lettuce is yucky. It is a vegetable.

These kitties are getting on my nerves. I try to chase them and sometimes they just sit and look at me. So I poke them. Pry bar nose didn’t even work. How do you chase a kitty that won’t move? I think we should play THoE whenever I am awake. They will only play it 5 or 9 or 25 times a day. Not nearly enough!

I have a question. I chase my kitties at full speed up and down the stairs. One flight is even open stairs. I’m still pretty spry at 11 if I do say so myself. But, a couple of times lately I have stumbled when trying to jump up into Mommy’s SUV. Has this happened to any of you doggies out there? Usually it’s easy, but sometimes it feels hard to jump that high.