Today I am on a great adventure! Mommy put me in the PTU and told Tiki that she wasn’t going with us this time. Mommy said I was a big boy and had to go to the v-e-t by myself. There are nice ladies here to help me blog, but they won’t let me out of my cage to play with the other kitties and they are trying to steal my pee! Mommy says I was straining in the litterbox last night, so even though I am acting fine she wants to make sure I am fine. Of course I am fine. I am RILEY!!!!

Update: All day long I refused to pee. I hope Max is proud of me. As soon as I got home, I peed in the special box while Tiki tried to sniff my butt and Mommy stood over me so that I would go in the special box instead of the regular box. Mommy is weird, she took a dropper and stole my pee out of the special box and put it in a cup. Then Mommy & Daddy drove away with it. Beans are weird. They took my pee and the woofie for a ride.