So I ended up having crystals and blood in my pee, but not an infection. I found out that pill pockets and cheese taste good. We got yucky dry food from the vet. Now we have new dry food with more cranberries in it that is still not thrilling. We get wet food twice a day again. Mommy set up the fountain again. (Mommy had been slacking.) There are now water dishes in random places around the house.


Apparently Riley needs more water. Kesey and I drink a lot, but Riley not so much. This week Riley & I had to go get rabies shots. Riley is a good brother and keeps me calm in the car by licking my head. It’s very soothing. We both surprised Mommy & Daddy at the vet though. Usually Riley explores the room while I hide in the PTU. This time I explored the room and he hissed and growled in the PTU. They had to take the PTU apart to get him out and he tried to bite the vet when she gave him his shot. Riley used to love going to the vet. He won’t say what happened when he spent the day there during his pee problem, but we don’t think he liked it. He was so mad he tried to bite me on the way home and Mommy had to distract him. The vet said as cats get older they get set in their ways. We are only 2 and Riley likes everybody. He even liked staying in a hotel when the air conditioning broke. I do not think he is set in his ways. I am concerned.


Uh, sorry about the biting. Could you guys purr for my sister? The vet thinks she might have a hear murmur. Mommy & Daddy are getting a second opinion before getting the tests because the vet wants to keep Tiki there all day and my attitude after being there all day worries them. I’m fierce, but it’s not like me to hiss and growl. We are all going to Kesey’s vet next Saturday. Kesey will get his toes trimmed, Tiki will get her heart listened to, and they will see if I am still hissy and growly. I hope I’m not still hissy and growly.

Tiki & Riley

Also, Cousin R just had an emergency appendectomy and is still in a lot of pain. We were born in his garage and are purring that he feels better soon.