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Just to keep Mommy guessing, I have decided that I do not like having my pills hidden in pill pockets or cheese. I think it ruins the flavor. She showed me the pill shooter and I rubbed my face on it to tell her that I would like to try the pill shooter instead. Now I rub my face on the pill shooter while Mommy pets me. Then she shoots the pill into my mouth. Then I rub my face on the pill shooter some more. I like the pill shooter because Mommy always gives me a couple of greenies afterwards. She tells me I am a good girl.

Also, this morning Daddy was getting ready to leave for a conference and he was wearing a black shirt because he almost always wears black shirts Monday thru Friday. Mommy asked him if he had been carrying a kitty around because he had all kinds of furs on his black shirt. Daddy said he was trying to go but that I had insisted on kissing him and rubbing up against his black shirt. Even when I get furs on Daddy, I am the good one.




So on Thursday, Mommy put me in the PTU all by myself!!!!! Riley is supposed to go with me and lick my head and distract me. So I showed Mommy, I gave her “what for” all the way to the v-e-t (5 whole minutes), the whole time in the waiting room, and then I gave the v-e-t people a stern talking to. Meow, meow, meow. They said I was a wiggler, but not a biter, and they like wigglers better.

They shaved 2 spots on the sides of my chest, made me wear electrodes, and put weird goo on me. They said it was for an EKG and an ultrasound, but I think I was abducted by aliens. They washed all the goo off, which made my furs wet, so I told them off. Meow, meow, meow.

The v-e-t people say I have hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy but am asymptomatic (I could have told them that part. I feel fine!) I have to take 1/4 of an atenolol (beta blocker), 2 times a day. Mommy thinks she’s fooling me by giving it to me in cheese or pill pockets, but I really like cheese and pill pockets so taking a pill is okay. My brothers want to take my pills too so sometimes they get treats. I think this is unfair. I should get all of the treats because I have to take pills and I am a good girl.

I have to go back in 2 weeks to see if atenolol agrees with me (so far so good) and then have another EKG in a year. So Daisy, do you have any advice for the newly diagnosed? Should I be eating nanners? Mommy & Daddy worry about me, but I think Pixie was a great role model. She fought this disease for a long time and I hope I can too! Mortimer is also my role model. I’m not sure if he has HCM, but he does have a heart murmur and takes medicine for it. He does not like going to the vet either.

P.S. Riley had to have a time out on Saturday because he chased me too much and made me hiss. I am the good one.

P.P.S. My heart mumur is a grade 3. They hope the medicine will make it be a grade 2.


We went and got a second opinion (& Kesey’s toes trimmed) at a gentler vet. I was a good boy and wanted to explore and did not hiss or growl at all. Unfortunately, Tiki definitely has a heart murmur. Vet #2 suggested she see a cardiologist instead of a general vet. Mommy will call to get her an appointment with a cardiologist and we will go from there. We are scared about what the tests may show, but are trying to remember that the cardiologist is 5 minutes away, we have pet insurance, and the people at MedVet are very nice and know lots of specialized stuff. Mommy needs to remember to breathe.


I feel fine. Mommy, stop worrying.


If any of you have purrs or woofs to spare, could you send some to our Grandma (Daddy’s Mom)? She had surgery yesterday to unclog an artery in her neck yesterday. Today her blood pressure is all over the place, she feels pretty awful, and the human v-e-t is making her stay another day at the horse-pital.

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