We went and got a second opinion (& Kesey’s toes trimmed) at a gentler vet. I was a good boy and wanted to explore and did not hiss or growl at all. Unfortunately, Tiki definitely has a heart murmur. Vet #2 suggested she see a cardiologist instead of a general vet. Mommy will call to get her an appointment with a cardiologist and we will go from there. We are scared about what the tests may show, but are trying to remember that the cardiologist is 5 minutes away, we have pet insurance, and the people at MedVet are very nice and know lots of specialized stuff. Mommy needs to remember to breathe.


I feel fine. Mommy, stop worrying.


If any of you have purrs or woofs to spare, could you send some to our Grandma (Daddy’s Mom)? She had surgery yesterday to unclog an artery in her neck yesterday. Today her blood pressure is all over the place, she feels pretty awful, and the human v-e-t is making her stay another day at the horse-pital.