So on Thursday, Mommy put me in the PTU all by myself!!!!! Riley is supposed to go with me and lick my head and distract me. So I showed Mommy, I gave her “what for” all the way to the v-e-t (5 whole minutes), the whole time in the waiting room, and then I gave the v-e-t people a stern talking to. Meow, meow, meow. They said I was a wiggler, but not a biter, and they like wigglers better.

They shaved 2 spots on the sides of my chest, made me wear electrodes, and put weird goo on me. They said it was for an EKG and an ultrasound, but I think I was abducted by aliens. They washed all the goo off, which made my furs wet, so I told them off. Meow, meow, meow.

The v-e-t people say I have hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy but am asymptomatic (I could have told them that part. I feel fine!) I have to take 1/4 of an atenolol (beta blocker), 2 times a day. Mommy thinks she’s fooling me by giving it to me in cheese or pill pockets, but I really like cheese and pill pockets so taking a pill is okay. My brothers want to take my pills too so sometimes they get treats. I think this is unfair. I should get all of the treats because I have to take pills and I am a good girl.

I have to go back in 2 weeks to see if atenolol agrees with me (so far so good) and then have another EKG in a year. So Daisy, do you have any advice for the newly diagnosed? Should I be eating nanners? Mommy & Daddy worry about me, but I think Pixie was a great role model. She fought this disease for a long time and I hope I can too! Mortimer is also my role model. I’m not sure if he has HCM, but he does have a heart murmur and takes medicine for it. He does not like going to the vet either.

P.S. Riley had to have a time out on Saturday because he chased me too much and made me hiss. I am the good one.

P.P.S. My heart mumur is a grade 3. They hope the medicine will make it be a grade 2.