Just to keep Mommy guessing, I have decided that I do not like having my pills hidden in pill pockets or cheese. I think it ruins the flavor. She showed me the pill shooter and I rubbed my face on it to tell her that I would like to try the pill shooter instead. Now I rub my face on the pill shooter while Mommy pets me. Then she shoots the pill into my mouth. Then I rub my face on the pill shooter some more. I like the pill shooter because Mommy always gives me a couple of greenies afterwards. She tells me I am a good girl.

Also, this morning Daddy was getting ready to leave for a conference and he was wearing a black shirt because he almost always wears black shirts Monday thru Friday. Mommy asked him if he had been carrying a kitty around because he had all kinds of furs on his black shirt. Daddy said he was trying to go but that I had insisted on kissing him and rubbing up against his black shirt. Even when I get furs on Daddy, I am the good one.