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Tiki face

On Friday we all went to Cleveland! Cleveland looks a lot like a hotel room. Daddy says a hotel room is not really Cleveland. Daddy went to a poker game because his friend Tom K. is 40. That is really really old. We got to stay in the room with Mommy and explore. Mommy says it was an experiment to see if I was still scared of hotel rooms.

Tiki explores

Guess what! I’m not still scared of hotel rooms! I was good in the car and only meowed a little. I explored the room over and over and over. It was very exciting! I think Riley and I were awake all night! We had fun! Mommy brought Feliway and our soft fleecy blankets and catnip bubbles and a new mousy and new treats and our fountain. I did hide under the bed a little but there was too much too explore so I kept coming out. Just to keep them guessing I did some intermittent meowing at 3 am, but mostly I was quiet. I am a very good girl.


Riley is a very bad boy. He is not afraid of anything. When Mommy brought Kesey back from going potty, Riley escaped our room and ran to the other end of the hotel. He says he just wanted to explore, but Mommy was very very scared until she caught him.

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