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Gattina says we should write more often. She is right. Mommy is lazy.

Our woofie buddy Riley just got his own blog! His Mom also blogs about him and his brother Boscoe and a bunch of other things too!

We just want you to know that cat or dog, Rileys are a handful and definitely ornery.

I should know. I’ve had to spend some time in the PTU recently. You see, it is my opinion that the humans should get up really early. Mommy gets up at 5:00 am during the week. I like to get up sometimes between 3:00 and 4:30 am. I don’t see a problem with this. Mommy & Daddy do. So does Kesey. He growls at me when I rub on him when he’s trying to sleep (I ignore it). Mommy & Daddy tried the squirt bottle (big deal), they put a magazine basket on the TV to keep me from jumping up there and making noise (that helped), they shut me out of the room (I claw the carpet and meow), they shut me in the bathroom (I meow and whap things), and they finally tried the PTU.

Dang. I still like the PTU, but apparently I am now a cage trained kitty. How embarassing. I sit and chill in there until they let me out a squillon hours later (the most was 2 hours on a weekend). For some reason I am really calm in there.


I am a good girl. I just sleep on the Mommy while he’s having shenanigans.


Peace and quiet. Ahhh

February 2009
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