At our first vet appointment, the vet wanted to test us for feline leukemia and kill us if we had it before Mommy & Daddy got “too attached.” We were 8 weeks old. Mommy & Daddy wouldn’t even let that vet test us and never went back there again.

At the second vet we found out that Riley was feline leukemia positive and I was not. I was then vaccinated.

Riley had the biggest personality and squeezed as much life as he could out of his 3 short years. He head butted the woofie hard enough to make him stagger. He loved to go strollering. He loved hotel rooms. He loved lettuce. He loved to chase me and bite my butt. He had to be in the middle of everything. You could not ignore the Riley. He announced himself every time he walked into a room. He wasn’t sick until the very end, but even with breathing heavy he still wanted to play and be in the middle of things.

Mommy & Daddy took me to be re-checked last week. I do not have feline leukemia. We are very happy about that, but there is a Riley sized whole in our hearts. I have been staying very close to Mommy & Daddy. I have even played with the woofie a little even though he scares me when his big nose gets too close.