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I let Kesey use it once in a while, but this is still a cat blog. He’s too sleepy anyway. When he’s not eating or drinking or peeing. That prednisone makes him act weird. He even had an accident at the bottom of the basement stairs. On the carpet. I glared at Mommy while she cleaned it up. Kesey is eating much better and he opens his mouth a little more every day, so I guess he can be weird. He was weird to start with anyway. (He smells funny, not like a cat at all. He’s a d-o-g!)

Kesey getting sick has stalled my plans to get a minion. I miss Riley so much, but I’m thinking a kitten minion might be easier to boss around. What do you guys think? Right now I am practicing by bossing around the Daddy.

Shh. Don’t tell, but I have started meowing at Kesey to chase me and having been trying to make Riley’s pterodactyl meow when I run down the stairs. I think I need a minion before I do something really weird like snuggle with a dog. Bleqk! Did I mention that Kesey smells funny?



I could no longer get my mouth open, so Sunday evening I stopped eating. Mommy had to crush my pills in order to torture me. (Laurie, I may be the only dog who hates pill pockets even when I can open my mouth. More for Boscoe.) When they finally called back, the emergency/specialist v-e-t people wanted to put in a feeding tube. Daddy said he didn’t want anyone to drill any holes in me. Thankfully he called my regular v-e-t too.  My regular v-e-t said we could start the steroids early even though my tests results weren’t back yet and they could do it with an injection since I couldn’t open my mouth. So Monday evening I went and got a shot in my butt. By the time we got home I could open my mouth a little and they gave me yummy Science Diet A/D liver mooshy food. The next day I got more of that great food and since my mouth was a little better, Daddy gave me my steroids in kielbasa!!! If you have never had kielbasa, you must know that kielbasa is only the best food ever. Now I don’t care if my mouth ever opens all the way, because Daddy has given me kielbasa every day!! Daddy loves me!!!!

Mommy is still mean, but at least she has stopped giving me tramadol. I got all mopey when I was taking it. It might have been upsetting my tummy. Now my appetite is back. I am still hungry after eating the A/D food so at the v-e-t’s suggestion, I am eating canned unsalted green beans. Yes green beans. Crazy. I am also drinking water by the gallon because prednisone makes me thirsty!!


These last couple of days have just been weird. On Thursday I went to the v-e-t because the people though I had a bad tooth. I hate being caged, so I got to hang out with the office kitties until aliens knocked me out. Then I woke up and I was back with the office kitties. The kitties were very nice. The v-e-t couldn’t do anything with my tooth. The people thought I was refusing to open my mouth because it hurt. Turns out I can’t open my mouth, even under anesthesia.

The v-e-t thought a mass or an abscess might be pressing on my jaw hinge and that got the people all upset so I had to go to more v-e- t-s on Friday. Opthamology poked me in the eyes, consulted with oncology, and sent me to internal medicine where they stabbed me with big needles. I got a cheeseburger though, so it was okay. And I was a good boy.

The test results aren’t back yet, but they think I have something called masticatory myositis. All I know is I couldn’t bite anyone even if I wanted to and Mommy is torturing me!!!!!

She keeps stuffing nasty things covered in cheese in my mouth. She says it’s tramadol and will make me feel better, but I know better. It sucks. Worse, Tiki is mocking me by opening her mouth wide for her pills. I hate the pill shooter too. Daddy just bought me a pill crusher so we will try that next. They don’t think I know that there is deramaxx in my dinner too, but it’s not so bad. I hear I will be getting steroids soon if the tests results are what they expect. Rats. I hate pills, but the people keep giving me scrambled eggs, so that’s good at least.

Thank you everyone who commented and who said such nice things about Riley. We are still very sad here. I am trying to fill the void with my new pterodactyl voice, but it just makes everyone think of Riley. I’ve started licking the woofie on the head and have even invited him to chase me. Sigh. He tastes funny and tends to whimper when he can’t catch me.


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