These last couple of days have just been weird. On Thursday I went to the v-e-t because the people though I had a bad tooth. I hate being caged, so I got to hang out with the office kitties until aliens knocked me out. Then I woke up and I was back with the office kitties. The kitties were very nice. The v-e-t couldn’t do anything with my tooth. The people thought I was refusing to open my mouth because it hurt. Turns out I can’t open my mouth, even under anesthesia.

The v-e-t thought a mass or an abscess might be pressing on my jaw hinge and that got the people all upset so I had to go to more v-e- t-s on Friday. Opthamology poked me in the eyes, consulted with oncology, and sent me to internal medicine where they stabbed me with big needles. I got a cheeseburger though, so it was okay. And I was a good boy.

The test results aren’t back yet, but they think I have something called masticatory myositis. All I know is I couldn’t bite anyone even if I wanted to and Mommy is torturing me!!!!!

She keeps stuffing nasty things covered in cheese in my mouth. She says it’s tramadol and will make me feel better, but I know better. It sucks. Worse, Tiki is mocking me by opening her mouth wide for her pills. I hate the pill shooter too. Daddy just bought me a pill crusher so we will try that next. They don’t think I know that there is deramaxx in my dinner too, but it’s not so bad. I hear I will be getting steroids soon if the tests results are what they expect. Rats. I hate pills, but the people keep giving me scrambled eggs, so that’s good at least.