I could no longer get my mouth open, so Sunday evening I stopped eating. Mommy had to crush my pills in order to torture me. (Laurie, I may be the only dog who hates pill pockets even when I can open my mouth. More for Boscoe.) When they finally called back, the emergency/specialist v-e-t people wanted to put in a feeding tube. Daddy said he didn’t want anyone to drill any holes in me. Thankfully he called my regular v-e-t too.  My regular v-e-t said we could start the steroids early even though my tests results weren’t back yet and they could do it with an injection since I couldn’t open my mouth. So Monday evening I went and got a shot in my butt. By the time we got home I could open my mouth a little and they gave me yummy Science Diet A/D liver mooshy food. The next day I got more of that great food and since my mouth was a little better, Daddy gave me my steroids in kielbasa!!! If you have never had kielbasa, you must know that kielbasa is only the best food ever. Now I don’t care if my mouth ever opens all the way, because Daddy has given me kielbasa every day!! Daddy loves me!!!!

Mommy is still mean, but at least she has stopped giving me tramadol. I got all mopey when I was taking it. It might have been upsetting my tummy. Now my appetite is back. I am still hungry after eating the A/D food so at the v-e-t’s suggestion, I am eating canned unsalted green beans. Yes green beans. Crazy. I am also drinking water by the gallon because prednisone makes me thirsty!!