I let Kesey use it once in a while, but this is still a cat blog. He’s too sleepy anyway. When he’s not eating or drinking or peeing. That prednisone makes him act weird. He even had an accident at the bottom of the basement stairs. On the carpet. I glared at Mommy while she cleaned it up. Kesey is eating much better and he opens his mouth a little more every day, so I guess he can be weird. He was weird to start with anyway. (He smells funny, not like a cat at all. He’s a d-o-g!)

Kesey getting sick has stalled my plans to get a minion. I miss Riley so much, but I’m thinking a kitten minion might be easier to boss around. What do you guys think? Right now I am practicing by bossing around the Daddy.

Shh. Don’t tell, but I have started meowing at Kesey to chase me and having been trying to make Riley’s pterodactyl meow when I run down the stairs. I think I need a minion before I do something really weird like snuggle with a dog. Bleqk! Did I mention that Kesey smells funny?