I don’t think they got me a minion. I think they got an alien by mistake. He was in the bathroom for a couple of days, I growled and hissed at him for several days, Kesey just wants to chase him, and he smells funny, so he must be an alien. I ate some of his foods, it gave me runny poops. He ate some of my foods, it gave him runny poops. He’s an alien. I’ve been using his litter box just to show him. Okay, so now I only hiss at him if he corners me and I’ve stopped growling. He’s still an alien. Oh, and the runny poops have stopped.


I don’t think he’s an alien, but I so want to chase him. I have spent so much time on a leash in the house! It’s so embarassing!!!

In other news, I am getting tasty kielbasa again. I can now open my mouth just fine, but I went back to licking my legs, and the bed, and the carpet, and the dresser, and the couch, and Daddy’s pants, and … with a vengeance. I am so much worse about doing this than I was, so I went to the v-e-t today and got clomipramine. I’m supposed to have OCD. All I know is that I enjoy the kielbasa. Daddy says he always knew I was neurotic. Whatever.

Gotta go. This new pill makes me sleeeeepy.


We found a new woofie friend. His name is Buddha. His Mommy has been out of work for a long time and could use some purrs. She is very worried. She has a donate button. We know money is tight for a lot of cat bloggers too, so we’ll just ask for purrs.