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Kirby eats

Kirby Eats Foods

My pictures are still stuck in the camera, but I am tired of waiting on Mommy so I am going to go ahead and introduce myself. My name is Kirby. I used to be Basil. I came from Colony Cats. They are very nice people there. They have a wonderful brand new adoption center, so if you live near Columbus, Ohio you should go there and get a kitty, or even a doggie. They have nice big open rooms full of wonderful kitties who would be happy to go home with you. I was not in a room. I used to greet people at the door. I greeted Daddy by head butting him as hard as I could, so even though I am not a kitten, and won’t be Tiki’s minion, Daddy wanted to bring me home. Mommy said yes, so here I am!!

Tiki hated me at first and I hated the woofie. She hissed and growled and was very unpleasant. She has pretty much stopped that unless I jump on her. She has even licked my head. I still do not really like the woofie, but will tolerate him unless he corners me. Then he gets swatted and sometimes hissed at. He is kinda dumb about what that means.

I love, love, love Daddy & Mommy. I have a serious purr and love to cuddle and get pets. They can not believe that I was not adopted for almost 1 1/2 years. (I am 1 1/2). Apparently there are still a lot of people out there who don’t like black cats. I don’t get it. All I know is that even having to put up with the woofie, it was worth the wait. I really like it here and the food is excellent. I get wet & dry food twice a day. Can you believe it?

I have the sneezes so I have been getting antibiotics wrapped in delicious cheese. That is very exciting. The sneezes are not exciting. I am sick of them. I am also getting l-lysine crushed in my wet foods. I do not mind it at all and gobble the wet foods. Tiki is amazed at how I attack my foods. She is a dainty girl, so I get to eat her leftovers, which is awesome!

Time for my nap. Gotta go!!

Fierce Kirby

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