Mommy found my collar and put it back on me. Crap!

Meh. I’ve only been here since Thanksgiving and they forgot my birthday already. I’m 2 years old !!!!!!!!



Meh. They forgot my birthday too. I’m 13 years old !!!!!!!!



Mommy finally filed the taxes. I think that’s what happened with the birthdays. I think I heard her say something about celebrating birthdays this weekend.

Kirby update: he’s not so bad. Except he’s a piggie. Since I tend to graze we are now getting the same amount of food split between 4 times a day so that I get my share. Mommy & Daddy say I have lost weight and Kirby has gained weight since he got here, so they are trying to change that. I have stopped growling and hissing at Kirby. Occasionally I will hiss if he chases me too much, but I did that with Riley too. Sometimes boys don’t know when to stop. No means no.

We don’t snuggle or anything, but he is good company. Also, the other night I had a nightmare. Mommy & Daddy thought I was in pain, but I was just scared. Kirby ran in to see if I was okay. I was so happy to see him I licked his head.