I am finding that this Kirby cat is not so bad. We have many things in common.

1. We both like drinking from the faucet, but I had to show him how.

2. We both like teasing the woofie. Again, I had to show Kirby how to do that.

3. We both like looking out of the open window. Ditto (I find the shelter educational system to be quite lacking. Apparently they have other things to do there.)

4. We both like looking at Jinxy, who likes to hang out on our porch and meow for food. He seems to like it outside, but we are wondering if he might change his mind when it gets cold. He likes to spend a lot of time with Daddy and we know that buttering up Daddy is the best way to get in this house.

5. We both enjoy grooming. Kirby says I do it too much, so sometimes I groom the dog. Dogs are stinky.

6. We both enjoy getting pets at 3:30 am. Kirby is very noisy about it. He is teaching me to be noisier to get what I want. Maybe the shelter education wasn’t so bad after all.

7. We both enjoy fleece and are glad that the weather is cooler.

8. We both love the Mommy.

9. We both love the Daddy.

10. The woofie is not so bad. We might love him too.