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This morning I was an outdoor kitty named Jinxy. I came to get breakfast from the people like I always do, and the woman grabbed me up and stuffed me into a Prisoner Transport Unit!! We drove for hours and years and finally stopped at the VET!!! I was scared, but he and his tech were both very nice up until the point where they stole my bloods! They said I was healthy and had no bad diseases and am a perfect weight. I could told them that. There’s no need for catnapping me!

Right now I am dictating this from the bottom of the basement stairs. The new Mommy person thinks I am weird because I am curled up about a foot away from where the woofie had a pee accident this morning. The carpet’s even still wet from the cleaning stuff. Whatever. Anyway, so far I have met the tabby girl that lives here. There was a little bit of hissing but not much. I have met the black boy kitty who lives here (I guess that’s other black boy kitty now because that’s what I am too). He really wants to play with me, but he is being polite and patient for now. Both of the kitties who live here have used one of my new litterboxes though. That may not be so polite. The Mommy got some kind of litter called Cat Attract for the boxes. The reason why I was outside all this time is because I peed in my old house, so the Mommy is trying to prevent it here. She also sprayed Feliway. We’ll see if any of this works. If not the Bissell may get quite a workout.

I haven’t met the woofie yet. He’s still locked in the bedroom. The Mommy got a new pet gate so he can’t get me on the stairs. I’m not too sure about the woofie.

The Daddy says that my new indoor name is Stan Lee. Kirby is named for Jack “King” Kirby so I am going to be Stan Lee. The Daddy really likes comic books.  He even teaches classes on graphic novels at conferences. I have not decided if I will answer to Stan Lee or not, but I don’t answer to Jinxy either. The Mommy says she will bribe me with treats until I answer to something. Kirby, Tiki, & Kesey all come running when any of their names are called. Especially if their names are called from the kitchen!

October 2010
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