I threw up in the Mommy’s shoe and she didn’t yell at me or throw me out into the cold!!!


It was an old shoe that I needed to get rid of and I would never do that to you anyway. And it’s 60 degrees out so even if I did that’s not exactly cold.


The people were worried when they brought me in that since I had been outside for a year and seemed to be happy that I would try to get outside again. I have to tell you even having to put up with the woofie, inside is better! I have no desire to go outside. When the people go near the door I go the other way.

So the other cats who live here are okay. We’re not buddies yet and there’s still a little hissing but we eat together now. If they get too near my food bowl, I do hiss at them. I have discovered that Tiki leaves leftovers, so if I get there before Kirby, I can has leftovers!

I am still spending a lot of time in the basement, but I come upstairs more and more. I like to snooze in the guest bedroom.

I have also found out that if the people are yelling, it is probably at the woofie for chasing us and I am no longer afraid of being yelled at. The woofie doesn’t hear too well so it might be a little loud.

Life is good.