Oh, don’t get all excited. I don’t eat cats. I like to lick them. I’m a dog. We lick things. That new cat hisses when I get near him. I haven’t been able to lick him yet but I’m working on it. Kirby doesn’t like it, which is also fun. Tiki doesn’t mind it at all, which bugged me at first because it’s fun to mess with cats, but then I discovered that she likes to lick me too. She grooms my head for me, which is nice. I don’t like it when she licks my nose though. Did you know that cats have weird tongues? It’s like sandpaper. What’s that all about?

Tiki gives me kisses too. She hisses at the boy cats, but she never hisses at me. I like Tiki.

* This is me a long time ago.