Yesterday it rained a ton and the sump pump broke and Daddy had to bail water out of the hole in the floor for hours and hours and plumber people came, but you know what? Inside is still a whole lot better than outside!

Kirby likes to play thundering herd of elephants with me and wrestle and we have lots of fun together.

That Tiki cat still makes me uneasy.

I don’t understand why we have to have a dog in the house. It seems dangerous.


Stan “the Man” Lee is my bestest friend. He likes to do all kinds of fun stuff and we have stopped fighting over the foods. Apparently there will always be more foods.

Tiki is a little bit stuck up sometimes.

I do not mind the dog so much.

I like to drool on the Daddy.


StanLee is okay. I suppose. Sigh. He’d be better if he let me sniff him.

Kirby ruins my good time. He has started sitting on the hamper while Mommy takes a shower. That is my spot! Sometimes he even insists on sleeping near me!

I like playing chase with the woofie. He never tackles me or bites me like some people I won’t mention. He’s got a wet nose, but whatevs.


StanLee isn’t as fun as he used to be. It was more fun chasing him when he was terrified. Also, he swats me when I walk past the kitchen table.

Kirby rubbed on my legs the other day. What’s wrong with cats? They should fear the Kesey!

Tiki smells good. I like to snorgle her belly.