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This photo is for Merlin Cat’s Dad. We have no cowbell. Sorry.

Mommy took a day off work last week. I thought it was to spend the day with me! I was ever so helpful with the laundry and cleaning the house, then what did she do?!? She put me in the PTU and took me to the vet!

Some of you may remember that I have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It was time for another echocardiogram, so that is why I was catnapped. Vet people are weird. They put goop on my armpits and used that to scan for bad things.

I am a good girl. I do not bite. I may squirm. I talk. A lot. I tell them I want to go home. The vet people ignore me.

The good news is I still only have to take atenolol. The bad news is I now have moderate to severe thickening in part of the left ventricle of my heart. It used to be just moderate. Meh. If my left atrium starts doing bad things too I will need more pills. I still feel good and am able to beat up the boy cats, so that’s good. My heart murmur hasn’t been audible the last two times. Where did it go?


Kirby is my BFF.

Tiki and I still hiss at each other. Sometimes I growl at her for staring at me.

I have swatted Kesey a couple of times. He seems to know his place now.


StanLee is my BFF.

Tiki plays with me sometimes and gives me licks. I have started sleeping in the bed near her.

Kesey is getting wobbly. I do not know what is up with that.

I just turned 4!


StanLee is kind of a wuss.

I sometimes like playing with Kirby, and he is okay to sleep with.

All Kesey does anymore is sleep. I can barely get him to chase me.

Kesey just turned 15!



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